The thought of organising a club rally with enough activities and facilities to keep over 20 members and their guests entertained for a week is enough to make even the most experienced event organiser’s hair turn grey.


Thankfully, for Eastern Explorers Caravan Club secretary Lynne Friis, the job of coordinating their muster  was made a lot easier thanks to the management and staff at the Crows Nest Tourist Park.


The Crows Nest Tourist Park was an ideal venue for our club get together 


The Eastern Explorers are just one of 52 Branches affiliated with the Australian Caravan Club. Although based within the Brisbane region, the Eastern Explorers group have members located all the way from Maryborough to Kingscliff. The group aim to have fun, meet new people and promote the fulfilling lifestyle that caravanners and other recreational vehicles owners enjoy.  


In late January, the Eastern Explorers decided to make the Crows Nest Tourist Park the location for their first muster of 2019. With the rally falling in the midst of summer, the group wanted somewhere away from the heat of the Northern Coast – but central enough for all to attend. Luckily for them, Lynne had previously been to the park, which seemed like a perfect location. 


Members were pleasantly surprised by the wide-open spaces which allowed them to stay together in one area rather than scattered throughout the facility.


Lots to do and see at Crows Nest

During their time, the club enjoyed a range of organised activities in the park making use of the flat, grassy areas to play lawn games and take their four-legged friends for plenty of long walks. 

The group also scheduled plenty of days out during their stay, making use of the beautiful region they were in. The pleasant weather made for enjoyable visits to many of the beautiful surrounding dams, bushwalks, and lookouts.


Lynne Friis Eastern Explorers’ Club Secretary 

“The parks on-site owners and managers were very helpful, not only did they assist us with the organisation of our event, they went out of their way to ensure that our stay went really smoothly. When you’re travelling with a group it really helps when park management and staff are friendly and easy to contact”.


No need to go out to eat out

Club members were left wishing that all caravan parks had an on-site cafe after experiencing the delicious meals served at the Curly Carrot Café located right in the middle of the facility.

The group also made good use of the large camp kitchen which provided many opportunities for BYO cook outs where everybody sat down to eat together and socialise on a budget.


Come Back Soon!

The management and staff of the Crows Nest Tourist Park would like to thank the Eastern Explorers for choosing our facility for their muster. We look forward to the Explorers’ returning to the area in the near future.

If your club or group is looking for accommodation with a difference, please don’t hesitate to contact the Crows Nest Tourist park on 07 4698 1269 to arrange an inspection of our facility.