Some believe the planning and preparation of any travel is as much fun as the actual journey.  We would agree!  When planning a South East Queensland trip we have THE destination you may not have considered.  Tucked in on the inland highway a short drive from Brisbane and Toowoomba, and away from the traffic intensity of the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast is the thriving country community of Crows Nest.  No matter the season, this charming location offers attractions which meet and exceed a wide range of travellers’ expectations.

Whether Crows Nest is a curious question mark in your planning, or it is a planned overnight stop on the quieter inland route to more northern ports of call such as Rockhampton, it will win your heart and become a gem you will want to revisit again and again.  You may secretly believe you are one of the first to discover its charms and wish to spread the word to others.  Please do – the Crows Nest community  welcomes everyone with open arms.

Announcing the distinct seasons of this fertile high country running along the Great Dividing Range are the blooms of the vegetation in the surrounding National Parks that offer homes to wildlife, particularly birds.  Perhaps it will be the kilometres of wattle grabbing your attention along the sides of the highway with that distinctive yellow against the rich blue of the skies, or perhaps the wisteria blooms abounding in the Crows Nest Town Square that will make your heart swell, but it would be hard to beat the burst of Carnival of Flowers colour in September that greet you at the Crows Nest Tourist Park and the Crows Nest Motel driving from the south.  What a great welcome to this thriving village with its giant community soul.  Its history and modern slant of providing something of interest for everyone make  “just passing through” a rookie mistake.

Accommodation for self-contained motorhomes, caravans and camping as well as family cabins is dotted amongst the landscaped grounds of the Tourist Park, and you may be lucky enough to arrive to find the monthly Cars and Coffee classic car enthusiasts enjoying the views, the gardens or the delicious coffee & food of the onsite caterers.  Or you may have been fortunate enough to have booked in when those VW owners celebrate Dubs on the Hill.  Or you may have the friendly faces of a Motorhome Club share conversations.  What!  Worried about too many people or feeling overlooked when events like this are happening?  No fear of that with the Award-Winning Tourist Park being a stand-out in its field.  Space is a highlight, the grounds are extensive and the overflow from the more traditional style, high quality Motel across the road is easily catered for and recommended by happy customers.

Recent upgrades, additional cabins, extensions to gardens and the highest quality of its staff has seen the Tourist Park as a Finalist in the recent Business Excellence Awards run by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce.  Your every comfort catered for; introducing you to the seasonal events; the regular monthly markets in town or the delicious food offerings sprinkled in the town and the surrounding local produce outlets make this a ‘must-do’ destination for your travel diary.