The  Gordon Harris Turnaround Award was won by Crows Nest Tourist Park in 2021.  This prestigious memorial Award honouring Gordon Harris’ founding of the Caravan Parks Association of Queensland and his lifetime commitment to excellence in the industry, is given to the site which has “turned around” an existing location to provide outstanding quality.

Why the Crows Nest site?

Owners Gerald and Phillip purchased the then Crows Nest Caravan Park in 2018, and set about converting the 28 tired cabins and mediocre facilities into the proud gateway to Crows Nest that it is today.  With lots of upgrading to cabins, sewers and drains, and a very under-utilised restaurant needing attention, sleeves were rolled up and the work of taking the vision to reality began.  The small numbers of caravan clubs and passing tourists was soon to be turned on its head.  

They could see the potential of this charming country village, and the ideal location on the inland route from nearby Brisbane and Toowoomba offered a panacea during the Pandemic years for those looking at an alternative to the restrictions.  Short stays and long-term visits are highly sought after and the word has spread.  

Experienced business entrepreneurs being at the helm acknowledged the importance of being active participants in the promotion and marketing of the Crows Nest community attractions.  Involvement at grassroots level in the Crows Nest Museum and Historical Village and the Progress Association soon brought collegial discussions and supportive growth across the food, drink and accommodation providers in the area.  

What has turned around at the Tourist Park?

Cabins are all of equally high standard now.

Drains and storm water upgrades are well placed to cope with any situations the seasons can throw at them.

The now vibrant Curly Carrot restaurant leased to young, go-getting chefs has a well-deserved reputation for onsite food for the park customers as well as a licensed venue for weddings and celebrations.

Regular repeat customers, the monthly Cars and Coffee meets bring many hundreds of classic car lovers, the monthly markets are now eagerly sought after and larger events have moved to the site to take advantage of the upgraded facilities.

The dam and jetty offer a tranquil water feature close to well-equipped van sites.

Gardens and landscaping provide a peaceful place to stroll, listening to the birdlife and admiring the Carnival of Flowers entry.

Management is highly regarded and reviews are uplifting for the dedicated staff – enhanced by the appealing reception area upgrade and the installation of the online reservation program.

What’s next?

Gerald and Phillip are not sitting back polishing their award.  Their vision for the future includes 3 new 2 and 3 bedroom cabins; the continued extension of the gardens and landscaped grounds which are so attractive, and more community involvement and promotion. Crows Nest Tourist Park is definitely a Turnaround showpiece.

Article Credit: MollyB Blogging