Pictured from left to right, 1930 Buick, 1927 Hudson, 1929 Marmon, 1923 Lincoln, 1930 Hudson

“We were so impressed by the Park, we immediately booked it as the location for our second rally later this year!”

The Crows Nest Tourist Park was transported back to the days of motoring glory recently when the Vintage Vehicle Touring Enthusiasts Association arrived for the first of two annual vehicle tours. Over 18 members enjoyed a relaxing weekend while showcasing their rare and magnificent vehicles.

A Seamless Weekend Getaway

The Vintage Vehicle Touring Enthusiasts is a small club for owners of vehicles manufactured from the 1st January, 1919 through to 31st December, 1930. On the weekend of the 23rd of March this year, members and their vehicles conducted a club rally at the Crows Nest Tourist Park. Over 10 vehicles made an appearance over the weekend with standouts including a 1923 Lincoln and 28 Marmon. 

Based in the Lockyer Valley with members ranging from as far as Hervey Bay, the group converged in Gatton before making the journey to Crows Nest via Toowoomba in their vintage vehicles. Members seized the opportunity to test out a piece of the newly opened bypass and stopped for a lunch at a local pub before continuing their way out to Crows Nest Tourist Park. 

Upon arriving at the Park, the group was met by friendly staff who assisted them to check into their accommodations for the weekend. Rather than camping, the group took advantage of the spacious onsite cabins which are available at the park. This meant that a quick getaway – without the hassle of setting up camp – was achievable and members were able to relax in the fresh air and serenity of the parks surroundings.